Remain as you are, Manager in these hard times!

Remain as you are, Manager in these hard times!

Remain as you are, Manager in these hard times!

Are you a member of the Board, Top Manager, or Team Leader, and due to Coronavirus your entire company has started remote work? If so, have you asked yourself one of these questions :

  •  “Do I need to control employees on a daily basis ?“
  • “Will employees work or watch Netflix ?“
  • “Should we all always be online or on video chat ?“
  • “Should we speak loudly if we go for lunch or to the restroom ?“

Seriously? 🙂  Do you really care about any of the above aspects of working online? I really don’t think so…

What you really should care about is to remain as you were before – keep things rolling, keep the methodology, but be ready to adapt to people’s limitations and things that they see as a loss. 

I have asked my team what they really miss during remote work, is it just about comfortable working space, fast internet connection, or maybe there’s something more? Actually, they listed as most important: lack of team spirit, struggling with lack of silent space at home, lack of pair programming with the constant communication, the ability to see people’s reactions, faces, tone of their voice, laughing out loud at jokes.

These are the real problems you need to face and find a solution for your group!

Rework your problems collectively and create together the Manifesto where you will put all your rules and exclusions for the hard times: treat it as a methodology amendment – this will help you keep focus, attention and self-organization in the team.

If you have put trust in your team during online work you should not lose it now – they will do their job even better, during hard times people tend to be more collective and committed.

 And what are your ways to keep up the atmosphere in the team on remote work?

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