New Everything – IDEMIA Hackathon 2022

New Everything – IDEMIA Hackathon 2022

New Everything – IDEMIA Hackathon 2022

Some of our colleagues in Lodz spent 24H programming innovative and unique ideas to answer a topical question: “in a post-pandemic world where everything is new, how can we use our experience and technologies to make this hybrid life easier?” This 2-day competitive event, organized end of March, was a great opportunity to boost our innovation culture as well as collaboration and creativeness!

4 teams participated and presented their demos to the jury and to the whole Lodz teams. One thing to report: our digital strategy – stating that all our new developments should be Cloud native – is so well propagated in our teams in Lodz, that Cloud was number one choice for all the solutions proposed by the teams. Congrats to everyone for their work and innovative spirit!

Discover the projects below:

1st place for the application “Work–Life Balancer”
Team name: Commit & Forget
We all know that having good work-life balance is very important in those days. This application tries to help you keep an eye on your working time vs resting time. It even shows you statistics and send notification when you should move a little bit. It tracks everything by the GPS and checks how good is air outside (integration with some external API) to propose best moment to go for a walk.

2nd place for the application “Instant feedback”
Team name: Kodexpol
Team members: Jose Paulo SANTIAGO, Tomasz SEK, Pawel LEWANDOWSKI
This application allows in very easy way pass feedback to anyone in your team or organization. It is just a few click to say someone that he is doing great job. Key feature of that application is that you can use it on every meeting or after some Pair Programming sessions and just share feedback.

3rd place for the application “Idemian”
Team name: High Five
Team members: Pawel LAWICKI, Radoslaw PIGULSKI, Mariusz MARCINIAK, Seweryn WALENDZIK, Bartosz KOZIAK
“Idemian” speeds up and changes typical on-boarding process to an adventure. High Five team wanted to prepare application that gives you challenges you have to fill in order to learn more about our company. Challenges like “find IT team” or “Pick up your equipment” are something that every Idemian should do at first working day. There are a lot of enhancements for that application that team proposed and showed in live demo.

4th place for the application “Sportsy”
Team name: 404 name not found
Team members: Bartlomiej MILEWSKI, Sebastian MADEJSKI, Pawel WALUS, Tomasz WOJNOWSKI
This application supports community of those who would like to meet with someone to play squash or other sports. Easy interface and searching based on geographic coordinates make this application easy to use. Finding a place where you can train with some other players Is just a few click away. We all know that sport is very important in the new world where a lot of us stays at home. This application promotes such attitude and is not only to build some communities in our company but it can help people from all over the world.

Watch the video from the event:

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