Impact Fintech’18

Impact Fintech’18

Impact Fintech’18

Main focus of the conference was for sure technology in finance with strong focus on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. It is important to notice that this is NOT a technical conference – one should not expect to see there technical details of the implementation or in depth discussion on the actual technical details. Even the so called „workshops” are rather presentations with some interaction with audience. On the other hand most of participants of Impact Fintech are NOT engineers (at least not any more) which explains why there is rather little focus on technical part.Targeted participants are divided into following groups:

  • Start-ups
  • Administration
  • Academics
  • Business
    • Banks
    • Financial institutions
    • Payments related entities (Master Card)


There was very visible focus on the blockchain and AI applications across finance industry. Most of the solution presented by banks as well as startups did relate to at least one of those. There is an apparent trend that blockchain is about to be used in rather seamless way – making end user and even companies not aware of its usage.Most of the speeches and discussions could be segregated in one or more buckets:


It is safe to say that conference was attended by multiple startups with very innovative solutions. Some of those startups were in fact quite mature companies already – having stable product and live deployments in couple of countries.Few examples which I find personally quite interesting:

  • https://www.bekredito.lt/ – lease household goods and equipment based on blockchain – run by 8 people total and having couple million of revenue already
  • ArtShare from HYCOM – the winner of the Startups battle competition presented application for art authenticity verification. What is more application will allow artists earn on the subsequent transactions of their pieces of art


Impact Fintech is conference strongly corresponding to IDEMIA’s field of interest. While it is not very technical it is for sure inspiring – especially the part were startups present themselves. While presenters are mostly polish banks and polish companies there is also good share of international companies like https://ripple.com/ or https://www.plasticbank.com/ . It would be very good if we as a company would manage to make a strong appearance in next years by presenting some of our solutions.

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