Praca w IT | Team Leader of Development Team

Our project:

You have a chance to lead the development of the end-to-end solution for mobile operators that offers eSIM devices for their customers. The main goal of this product is to handle the lifecycle of operators’ profiles to the eUICC over-the-air.

Our product is based on: Scala, Akka HTTP, ScalaTest, Typelevel, Cats, Kubernetes, Docker, MariaDB, Cassandra. There are also few modules that uses Java together with Vavr or Lombok. We are aiming and already preparing to be available in the Azure cloud this year!

Team is focused on deep analysis of every feature as well as high quality and availability of the solution – we even managed to implement and test DR solution! Moreover the team does regular performance tests both on development and production (TM) environments as the solution must be ready in advance for new eSIM devices market boom.

Our team:

MC4 team consists of Software Architect, 6 Scala Developers (most of them are seniors) 3 Automation Testers and Functional Analyst. Team is multinational hence uses English during most of the meetings.

Team cooperates successfully with PO localized in Łódź, PL.

Team benefits from using scrum framework already tailored to its needs.

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