Praca w IT | Site Reliability Engineer (Identity)

Identity domain is one of Global RnD domains which is responsible for delivering world-wide top technical solutions in digital identity. Digital Identity covers cases like transfer of your driver’s license, id, passport and any other document to your mobile device in digitalized form. Apart of documents provisioning we work on solutions for documents proofing and verification and on lots of other digital identity related use-cases.

As part of Global Identity Site Reliability Engineers, team you will have a chance to work on design of infrastructure on which Identity solutions are deployed; develop your skills in terraform, cloud native AWS services, helmcharts and not only.
We are responsible also for providing automated operations and preventive monitoring of SLA-critical production platforms.
SRE teams incorporate their technical background and engineering skillset in order to improve reliability, availability and efficiency of the services they operate on. Effectively, it’s „what happens when a software engineer is tasked with what used to be called operations”, as Ben Treynor stated when setting up SRE teams for Google’s search engine.

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QA or Dev feeling a call to become an Analyst, UML modelling, Confluence & JIRA, project and product documentation preparation, requirements analysis, analytical thinking skills, communication skills

Staż w IT | Intern in Databases

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Praca w IT | Senior Database Administrator

Linux, Bash, Python, SQL, AWS, Azure

Praca w IT | Scala Developer

Our product is based on: Scala, Akka, ScalaTest, Typelevel, Kubernetes, Docker, MariaDB, Cassandra.

Praca w IT | Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Validation)

QA, database, CI/CD, Jenkins, UML, Kubernetes, Java, E2E tests

Praca w IT | QA Engineer (Java/Scala)

Java, Scala, BDD, JBehave, Selenium, Serenity, Azure

Praca w IT | Automation Test Engineer

BDD, ScalaTest, REST/SOAP, JIRA, Serenity

Praca w IT | Senior Java Developer (Keyless)

Java, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, CI/CD, Kotlin, SCRUM

Praca W IT | Quality Assurance Engineer (Java/Python)

Java, Python, BDD, JBehave, JGiven, Azure

Praca w IT | Senior iOS Developer

Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK, CocoaPods, SwiftLint, Maven, XCTest, CI/CD

Praca w IT | Atlassian Tools Expert

Jira, Confluence, Groovy scripting, Java, Python, SQL, Bash, Ngnix, HA Proxy, DNS

Praca w IT | Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer

Mobile QA, Android or iOS, Java or Swift, Espresso or XCTest, Gradle or Fastlane

Praca w IT | Senior Java Developer (MO)

Java, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, CI/CD

Praca w IT | Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Java, Mobile (Android / iOS), Gradle, Maven, Gherkin / Serenity / BDD / Cucumber, AWS, Sonar, Postman

Praca w IT | Site Reliability Engineer (AWS)

Linux, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Grafana, Zabbix, Nagios

Praca w IT | Java Developer (Payments)

Java 11, Spring boot, Docker, terraform, AWS, DynamoDB, Git

Praca w IT | Quality Assurance Engineer (Identity)

Kotlin, Java, Swift, Android, iOS, Gradle, Gherkin, ELK stack, Jenkins, RPC, Espresso, XCTTest

Praca w IT | Site Reliability Engineer (Identity)

Linux, AWS Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Grafana, Prometheus, Bash Scripting, Groovy, Python, Jenkins

Praca w IT | Java Developer (Identity)

Java, Spring, Linux, Docker, GIT, AWS

Praca w IT | Quality Assurance Engineer (Mobile Identity)

Kotlin, Swift, Android, iOS, Gradle, Gherkin, BDD, ELK stack, Jenkins

Praca w IT | DevOps/ Integrator

Docker, Kubernates, Jenkins, Helm, ArcgoCD, Linux, GIT

Praca w IT | DocAuth Developer

Java 11, Spring, Linux, Docker, GIT, AWS, Hermes, Kafka, Cassandra, Helm

Praca w IT | Android SDK Developer

Android SDK, Kotlin, Java

Praca w IT | System Architect (Scala/Java)

Scala, Java, Agile, SaaS

Praca w IT | QA Engineer (Scala/Java)

Scala, Java, Python, Serenity, Selenium, JBehave, Gherkin

Praca w IT | Infrastructure Engineer (Azure)

Azure, Kubernates, Linux, Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Git, Jenkins

Praca w IT | Test Automation QA Engineer

Java, Docker, Kubernates, Serenity, Screenplay, REST, UI, Postman, Selenium

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