Praca w IT | Java Developer (Payments)

The IDEMIA Token Platform is a comprehensive and field proven solution enabling payment means digitization, which embraces all sub processes needed to make a complete digital card (or payment token) ready and provisioned onto a device or shared with a specific token requestor for various use cases.

The solution is omni-channel by design: it is agnostic of the payment type (proximity, in-app, remote, P2P), the form factor used (mobile device, wearables …) and of the technology selected for proximity payments (NFC, QR).

The IDEMIA Token Platform provides core functions to digitize a payment means, which are enrollment, tokenization, provisioning and processing services.

G-Team consists of 8 experienced engineers (most of them are seniors) that develop new features to the Token Platform (including connectivity to worlds’ top Token Service Providers) as well as maintain quality of already existing components, to name a few:

  • GenericPay – the heart of independent platform (from Original Equipment Manufacturers), thus a key component in delivering IDEMIA’s HCE solution (IssuerPay – best example are wallets, where issuer (bank) owns both server-side solution and mobile app), eCommerce use-case – (let’s take streaming platforms paying your monthly fee)
  • TSP-HUB – the main orchestrator between all TSMs (one of them is GenericPay), Token Service Providers and issuers
  • Payment Gateway – currently dedicated to one of our on-premise installations, facilitates transaction process of QRCodes solution as well as Token on File

G-Team cooperates in scaled scrum way with 2 other similar feature teams within Token Platform (A-Team & W-Team) as well as Token Platform Validation & DevOps Team. Overall engineering organization for Token Platform includes around 50 engineers.

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