Android Developer

HCE is part of IDEMIA digital payment platform. Our goal is to enable payment features on Android phones without Secure Element on board. It means, there is no hardware support for security we need to provide. Big challenge and a lot of fun at the same time.  

One of our targets is to deliver SDK to be used in our clients applications. We have a lot of streams related to:

  • security (cryptography, biometrics, Android KeyStore, Whitebox)
  • payments (different payment schemes: VISA/MC/Discover)
  • e2e testing
  • and more android stuff

What we have:

  • Kotlin used for core SDK component, for demo application and tests
  • Domain Driven Design-like architecture approach (we’re learning)
  • a lot of CI automation for not being bored by builds, releases and others
  • SCRUM in place

Aktualnie poszukujemy

Praca w IT | Scrum Master (Payments)

Scrum, Agile, Canban

Praca w IT | Front Office Integrator

Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Groovy, (Jenkins DSL), Linux, Maven, GIT, Scripting, Salt

Praca w IT | Quality Assurance Engineer (Mobile Identity)

Kotlin, Swift, Android, iOS, Gradle, Gherkin, BDD, ELK stack, Jenkins

Praca w IT | OnePlatform Core Developer

Kotlin, Java, Node, Python, JVM, AWS

Praca w IT | iOS Tech Lead

Swift, UIKit, Fastlane, SwiftUi, BDD

Praca w IT | DevOps/ Integrator

Docker, Kubernates, Jenkins, Helm, ArcgoCD,, Linux, GIT

Praca w IT | Scrum Master

Scrum, Agile, Canban

Praca w IT | Functional Analyst


Praca w IT | DocAuth Developer

Java 11, Spring, Linux, Docker, GIT, AWS, Hermes, Kafka, Cassandra, Helm

Praca w IT | DevOps Team Leader

AWS, Terraform, Docker, Scripting, Jenkins, GIT, Kubernates, Salt

Praca w IT | Android SDK Developer

Android SDK, Kotlin. Java

Praca w IT | Senior DevOps Engineer

Linux, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Scripting, Jenkins, GIT

Praca w IT | Team Leader/Architect SDK

Kotlin, Java, Android SDK, Gradle,

Praca w IT | IT Administrator

Linux, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Git, Salt, XEN, HyperV

Praca w IT | Physical Security Manager

Line Management, Quality, HSE, Security, Auditing, Risk Management, IT systems, Project Management

Praca w IT | Standardization Manager

JIRA, Confluence

Praca w IT | Chief Architect (Connectivity)


Praca w IT | Security Expert


Praca w IT | Application Security Specialist

Fortify, SonarQube, Owasp Dependancy Check, Nexus IQ, JIRA

Praca w IT | SRE Team Leader

Site Reliability Engineer, Team Leader, Service Desk, Customer Management

Praca w IT | System Architect (Scala/Java)

Scala, Java, Agile, SaaS

Praca w IT | QA Engineer (Scala/Java)

Scala, Java, Python, Serenity, Selenium, JBehave, Gherkin

Praca w IT | Site Reliability Engineer (Azure)

Azure, Kubernates, Linux, Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Git, Jenkins

Praca w IT | Test Automation QA Engineer

Java, Docker, Kubernates, Serenity, Screenplay, REST, UI, Postman, Selenium

Praca w IT | QA Engineer Java/Python

Java, Python, Serenity, Selenium JBehave, JGiven, Azure

Praca w IT | Senior DevOps Engineer (Payments)

AWS, Terraform, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Salt

Praca w IT | iOS Developer

iOS, Swift, Objective-C

Praca w IT | Senior Java Developer

Java11, AWS, Spring boot, Docker, ElasticSearch

Praca w IT | Senior Information Security Officer

Application Security, Risk Management, Thread Modelling, Security policies and standards

Praca w IT | Site Reliability Engineer (Azure)

Azure, Azure Kubernetes Service, Linux, Docker, Docker - compose, Prometheus, Grafana, Git, Jenkins, English

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